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Headlights                                                                        Bellingham / Ferndale WA  / Whatcom County

First things first lets check your lights. To do this turn on all the lights including the emergency flashers. You might want a helper to step on the brakes while your check out your brake lights.

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 The key may need to be turned on, on some vehicles to do this. Remember to check high and low headlight beams. Have the Lights Changed when you find they are out.


Headlights H.I.D.'s

C.A.R.S. would like to help you with your Automobile need's.                            

 - If your looking for an even better, brighter, whiter light for driving on those dark rainy nights, we recommend  H.I.D. headlight conversions.  H.I.D. ( High Intensity Discharge ) lights are those that you see on newer vehicles driving down the road ( Porsche, Volvo, Audi, VW, etc ). They offer a much brighter, whiter light than that of standard halogens.  We have bulbs available for almost any car, we can even put H.I.D.s in older cars with incondecent lights with an addition of an H4 conversion to except the H.I.D.'s.  Stop by or give us a call for prices and options!   (360) 922-0553  

 Definition of H.I.D. 
 H.I.D. Lights  give you a wider area in front of the vehicle, improving visibility and safety, without disturbing the vision of oncoming drivers.
How H.I.D. lights work:
High intensity Discharge lighting is light from a plasma discharge rather than a filament. The system involves a ballast to start the light and certain gasses to create the light. Overall the system uses less energy than halogen lighting, while producing 3 times more light. Between two electrodes is a micro-environment of xenon gas and metal halide salts. The light is emitted by an electrically energized gas -- a plasma discharge-- formed and sustained between the two electrodes. HID lamps have over three times the lumens per watt of traditional halogen light sources and are more efficient at converting electrical energy into light. They produce at least 70% more light than traditional lamps, and use less power while producing less heat.

Repair & Restore We recommend  restoration for your old dingy headlights.
Turn those poor dim yellow light into the clear white light, 
that's how it should be!
Our 4 stage buffing and polishing procedure restores almost any
faded, fogged, weathered light housing back to it's original clarity.


    Before and after on a 2001 Mits. Eclipse spider

Restoring your old lights can also help keep lights birghter. We have restoration kits to help you make your old lights like new again.

Plastic lenses can yellow with age, reducing headlight brightness, and new lenses can be expensive. Try headlight restoration to let your lights shine.

 CARS offer's restoration for your old dingy headlights, turn that poor dim yellow light into the clear white light, it was and should be!  Our 4 stage buffing and polishing procedure restores almost any faded, fogged, weathered light housing back to it's original clarity.




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